Industrial production will never be the same again

Largix is reinventing the traditional, labor intensive, production of custom-made products that are made of polymers and composite materials by introducing its solutions to multiple sectors including the construction and aviation industries.

Largix will also be creating products like storage tanks and custom-made solutions suited for urban design.

Largix, it is the first company to develop and commercially produce 3D Robotic Printers for real production processes. Largix is creating a groundbreaking design and production platform.

It does so by using what is called “Cold 3D Printing®” technology, Largix makes 3D printing possible for real industrial production using the most common thermoplastic polymers: Polypropylene and Polyethylene, polymers that nobody else is capable of printing.

Largix has developed an intelligent “hybrid” system that uses smart sensors, real-time data, and machine learning. This allows the system to reduce the dependency on manual work and it also results in a shorter production time. In addition, Largix’s solution leads to profound cost savings for the manufacturing process. Additionally, we have developed a software platform that creates the digital design and production and operates the manufacturing equipment. Largix’s technology can perform its “Cold 3D Printing” across a broad spectrum of smart materials and is also capable of creating products that span a large range of complex designs as well.